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The Pheromone Factor

Thank you for taking time to learn about The Pheromone Factor, which is major news in our pet industry, especially when we are addressing causes for high numbers of surrenders and returns to shelters nationwide.

Let's Sum This Up First:

  • Pets Are Biologically Triggered To Re-Soil Where They've Gone Before
  • They are attracted to their "scent" which is actually their Pheromone
  • A Pheromone is not a "scent" like humans smell. It's a biological attractant to pets and cannot be seen or smelled by humans.
  • A Pheromone cannot be neutralized. It must be completely extracted.
  • GET SERiOUS!® is the only cleaning solution capable of extracting the Pheromone.

Get Serious Odor Stain and Pheromone Remover For Dog Stains and Odors
Details about "The Pheromone Factor" are provided below this summative.

GET SERiOUS® Stain, Odor & Pheromone Extractor can put an end to the re-soiling process!

Making sure pet owners understand the REASON why pets soil and re-soil - often in the same spots in their homes - and the SOLUTION is the KEY to stopping these behaviors and successfully housetraining pets - thus keeping them in homes and out of shelters! When frustrated pet owners understand the Pheromone Factor and use GET SERiOUS® Stain, Odor & Pheromone Extractor to put an end to the re-soiling process, pets will stay in homes instead of being surrendered to shelters

Here is some SERIOUS information: Pet owners need to understand that repeated soiling is not the "fault" of the pet. Rather, it is their natural and biological response to using cleaners that don't address the Pheromone Factor when their pet has an accident.

Pets are instinctively attracted to their own body scent, known as their Pheromone. Their Pheromone is left behind in every soiling they ever make! They are biologically programmed to re-soil where they've gone before. The ONLY way to stop this natural attraction is to completely EXTRACT and eliminate the Pheromone altogether.

Traditional pet stain cleaners, even the new enzymatic odor "neutralizers" are not capable of EXTRACTING the Pheromone, which is what's needed to BREAK THE CYCLE OF RE-MARKING BEHAVIOR. Those cleaners can only remove stains and neutralize the odors that humans can smell. It's not possible to neutralize a Pheromone - It must be removed. Pets are still biologically triggered to mark in the same spot, because their Pheromone is still there even when using those cleaners, even if you can't see or smell the stain anymore.

Click here to learn more about why this works and other products fail or here for more information about how to use GET SERiOUS® effectively.

Download our Serious Pet Industry Information Press Release in .pdf format here. - Or - Download "See Spot Go, See Spot Gone" as seen in Pet Product News in .pdf format here.



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