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Guarantee Pets Permanent Homes

We all know that the biggest tragedy associated with pets repeatedly soiling in the house is that it leads the pet owners to becoming frustrated to the point of surrendering them or returning them to a shelter. Re-soiling is the most common behavioral reason that pets are relinquished today!

All too often, pet owners blame their pet for this frustrating behavior. This is because they don't understand the biological and instinctive nature of the animal to soil where it smells it's "scent" due to The Pheromone Factor; and that, GET SERiOUS!® is the ONLY cleaning solution capable of REMOVING the Pheromone and STOPPING the re-soiling process altogether. There is no other pet stain and odor remover with the strength and ability, and even the SCIENCE of GET SERiOUS!®.

We at GET SERiOUS® feel that the way to guarantee pets a permanent home is to make sure that pet owners understand The Pheromone Factor and how to deal with it effectively - resulting in happy pet owners and happy pets in HOMES and not in shelters! We hope that you'll refer pet owners to this web site or distribute literature that can be downloaded here, so that they too can understand the science behind why re-soiling behaviors occur and what to do about it.

Thank you for your interest in GET SERiOUS!® Pet Stain, Pheromone & Odor Extractor and for all that you do for surrendered pets.

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